Make Custom Generative AI tools with no-code, in minutes

Manage your company's Generative AI roll-out, create impressive lead generation tools, handle customer support using Generative AI and more !


3 easy steps to create your very own Generative AI tool

MakerGPT Prompt Template

Add Custom Knowledge

MakerGPT has 2 project types: Chatbot and GPT-Powered Form. Setting up either tool type is quick and easy.

Select underlying GPT engine (e.g. ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo)
For GPT-Powered Forms, configure the prompt template
For Chatbots, upload documents or enter URLs to fine-tune the model
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Configure the User Interface

Configure the appearance of the chat or form to fit with your website design or your company brand guidelines

Select an image for your tool
Configure colours
Configure chat widget text
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MakerGPT Appearance
MakerGPT Publish


Your tool is now ready to be shared with your customers or internal staff.

Get a sharable link and share via email or social media
Embed your tool in your website or SaaS app
Access your tool via API
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Manage corporate Generative AI roll-out; Generate leads using an impressive AI tool; Create a Generative AI-powered customer service chatbot - The use cases for MakerGPT tools are limitless

Check out our gallery for inspiration. Regardless of your profession (e.g. SEO, Marketer, Teacher, Human Resource Manager, SME owner), there is a Generative-AI tool that can help you! Not sure how to handle your corporate Generative AI roll-out? Manage that using MakerGPT tools.

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Generative AI Travel Planner
Generative AI Real Estate Listing Tool


Harness the power of Customized Generative AI 

Get Ideas

Lead Generation

Share your Generative AI Tool via email to generate leads

Corporate Tools

Ensure employees follow corporate standards when using Generative AI tools

Chat with your knowledgebase

Chat with your PDF, DOC, TXT or website

Customer Support Chatbot

Create a GPT-powered customer support chatbot in minutes

BETA Pricing

Customized Generative AI need not be expensive


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What are MakerGPT Credits?

MakerGPT Credits are used within MakerGPT for various actions such as training GPT Models and generating responses. Unused MakerGPT credits, expire in 1 month.

Can I suggest new features?

Sure, we are continually improving MakerGPT and welcome features requests. Share your feature requests here.

Can you help me with custom Generative AI build?

Yes, we can help with that. Drop us an email at with your generative AI idea.

Can I add my tools to the MakerGPT Gallery?

Sure, just set your tool to "Public" and let others discover your awesome tool.